Best Furniture Store in Nepal

Rabi Furniture Nepal is the best furniture store in Kathmandu Nepal.

We are specialized in all aspects of residential carpentry and renovations – indoors and out. Based in Chhetrapati, Kathmandu, Nepal, we have successfully completed hundreds of carpentry and renovation projects. We are family owned and don’t have a outdoor furniture stores. We serve you from home. We take real pride in our work and doing the best job possible for our clients. We provide Quality Carpentry Inside the Home and Out! Furniture, Restoration to old houses. Home Improvements & Renovation Advice and Consultation.

We over the years has been the answer to a number of clients who demand the highest standard of service. We are remarkably resourceful with timeline and budget constraints. We make furniture designs, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, home furniture, modern furniture, wooden furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, sofa, restaurant furniture, modern bedroom furniture, beds, chairs, coffee table, contemporary furniture, dining chairs, dinning table, sitting room furniture, tables, TV furniture etc. We have a vast history of experience through which one thing has remained constant; it is our commitment and dedication to understanding and implementing the components that allows us to deliver successful projects for our clients. People also call us by the name Furniture Nepal, Nepal Furniture, Furniture Suppliers in Nepal, Furniture Makers in Nepal, Furniture Showroom in Nepal, Furniture shop in Nepal etc.



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