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So what makes Rabi Furniture’s strategy so different from our competitors? How do we keep our quality high, our fashion forward, our prices low, and our delivery times short? The answers to these questions lie in our commitment to simplified operations. We have a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective business model that allows us to bring quality and value to our customers in a very short timeframe. To fully understand our business model, you only have to know these five key concepts:


1. We make Wooden Furniture :

We make Wooden Furnitures in Nepal. The list of the furnitures we make are: Dinging Rooms Furniture (Dining Table and Chairs), Bedroom Furniture(Bed, Sofa), Living Room Furniture, Office Furniture, Kitchen Furniture etc. We also repair old and second hand furnitures.


2. We are Owner-Operators:

As owner-operators, we work directly out of our stores, not out of lofty multi-million dollar corporate buildings. Our model is simple. Running our business doesn’t require the hundreds of employees and unnecessary corporate expenses that may burden our competition. Once again, our low overhead is passed on to the customer in the form of low prices.


3. Use Quality Material:

Again what you have to keep in mind is that we are just a family owned small business who work from home and our overhead expenses are lower than that of our competitors/big companies. So, we tend to provide you the quality products at the same price or lower.


4. Budget:

Different people have different living style and spending capacity. People search for high quality goods for cheap. So, we first ask what your spending capacity(budget) is and then design the product according to it. But still the quality of the furniture will be higher than our competition.


5. Cash and Carry:

When you find the right piece of furniture, you can take it home tonight! By not having huge inventories of product stacked in warehouses helps us keep our costs low. We don’t offer delivery services but if you can’t take it with you, we can provide you names of qualified third-party delivery companies to get your purchases home.

Ultimately, these principles allow us to provide true value to our customers–high quality furniture at exceptional prices and sets us apart from the competition while providing our customers with the best possible buying experience.

If you have any questions, please call us at (980) 319-8255 or (980 822-9930 or use our easy online contact form here.


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